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new shiny trade contest

2011-06-27 22:08:31 by luna150

new trade contest yay :D
this week shiny gyrados
lvl 36 thank you to asdfghjkl12345
preview: 14e09363f93855
note: i will not ree post that long list of rules so if you need the rule go to post 2
questions comments tell me about it

shiny competitions update!!!!!!!!!

2011-06-23 21:10:29 by luna150

hey guys this is a shiny competition update
and here is some things that you guys can look forward to!
the spearow contest ends the 27th!
but if no one wants it i shall level it up to a Fearow!
but i will warn you, you will want to win a contest
note: once a fearow it may be harder to win
but i will tell you about that in a moment.
next week shiny Gyrados 27th to the 4th lvl 36
then Pidgeyotto 4th to 11th lvl 36
and finally the shiny Charizard 11th to 18th
all three of those Pokemon give a big thanks to asdfghjkl12345
and finally why you wanna win (drum roll)
after all those Pokemon i just announced i will send out a private message contest for a level 36 shiny mew thank you to exball :D
and win or lose you each get 3rd stage starter shiny or non shiny of your choice
for free!!!!!!!!!!
but on my page i will still hold a contest of a shiny Butterfree lvl 20
note: participants of mew contest can still participate in Butterfree contest
note: i will NOT post the rules and regulations again to get them you will have to go to the first post about the competitions (post 2)

shiny competitions update!!!!!!!!!

shiny trade contests

2011-06-21 20:03:56 by luna150

shiny spearow code lvl 11
so the way this works is i show you the preview code
so you can make sure im telling the truth and if you want it then you put in your own trade preview in the comments and the best will get my spearows security code and they give me theirs
preview code: 14e018e300b9ea
happy hunting
note: the winning pokemon does not have to be shiny but i like shinys :D
note: next shiny code i will congratulate the winner of the last shiny
note: if you stiff me out and dont give me the security code you will be banned from every other shiny contest
note:i will give you it like so i send you a private message saying you are the winner you send me your security code i send you mine all in p.m.
note:oh and one more thing the contest ends next tuesday