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Entry #3

new shiny trade contest

2011-06-27 22:08:31 by luna150

new trade contest yay :D
this week shiny gyrados
lvl 36 thank you to asdfghjkl12345
preview: 14e09363f93855
note: i will not ree post that long list of rules so if you need the rule go to post 2
questions comments tell me about it


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2011-07-14 19:47:51

how do i get it

luna150 responds:

read post 2


2011-07-14 19:55:17

i will give u all the why level up geado and all the why evolved


2011-07-14 22:14:22

ill trade a shiny beedril or shiny graveler, or a shiny zubat if u still have it

luna150 responds:

its running for the rest of the week so i still have it


2011-07-15 03:32:17

i am willing to trade a shiny staryu, zubat, oynx, tentacool and geodude, i dont think you will be interested for any of my other normal pokemon

how are you suppose to trade when trading system is down?

luna150 responds:

i guess im just gonna postpone it i posted this before it was down


2011-07-15 04:56:09

do you want a black charizard for free???


2011-07-22 06:43:12

an shiny poliwag for it?


2011-07-22 06:44:42

i meen poliwrath :P fully evolved